The winning attitude

Sports is an integral part of educational experience at Mata Gujri Public School. For it enhances growth and well-being of children by providing physical activity and emphasizing on enjoyment through participation. The fact is, outdoor activities help in creating individuals who are confident of their skills. The concept of fitness, teamwork, discipline and competition are essential ingredients in sports and as such, are fostered at Mata Gujri Public School. Learning to cope with stress and extending their limits to achieve goals, creates a great sense of empowerment and personal achievement.


Faster, Higher, Stronger

On account of the growing climate ofprofessionalism in sports, the school, from time to time, appoints coaches of the highest caliber to impart invaluable skills to students. Intra and inter-school competitions provide an added impetus. Students choose from a range of sports that include.

Yoga * Martial Arts * Volleyball * BasketBall * FootBall * Chess * Hockey * Table Tennis * Athletics.

What's more, the school has setup a national level Hockey Turf in the area of approximate 3 1/2 acres land.

The main purpose of the stadium is to develop the hockey academy to produce the players of the international standard with ample opportunities provided to the players.