Debates And Quiz

Debates are held in two categories - Middle Section - For Classes VI to VIII - Senior Section - For Classes IX to XII To make the exercise more pervasive, Inter House contests are held in all three languages - English, Punjabi and Hindi – one in each language in both categories. Students from the senior school regularly and enthusiastically take part in Inter Public School debates held in various reputed Public Schools across the country.


Dramatics & Poetry Recitation

Inter-House Dramatics are conducted in English, Hindi and Punjabi regularly. Workshops are also conducted to mprove the skills of the students.

Poetry Recitation is held as under-:

English - Middle and Senior Sections

Punjabi/Hindi - For Middle Section.


Treks & Tours

Treks and Tours are an integral part of the school curriculum. For the past 48 years this much awaited adventure activity has been regularly organised by the school during September end annually. During this period teaching groups are sent to the mighty ranges of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. This activity is compulsory for the students of classes VI to XI. Trekking is optional for the students of classes X and XII. Short duration (3N/4D) Adventure Camps are also organised for the students of classes IV and V during this break. At MGPS the aims and objectives of organizing Treks/Tours/Camps are to: • Inculcate the spirit of adventure and comradeship • Instill self-confidence and an attitude of self-reliance. • Foster qualities of leadership. • Develop self learning and observation. • Promote learning through travel, recreation and enjoyment. • Take a break from the hectic routine of the classroom. Adventure camps are organised at the Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali; Regional Mountaineering Centre, MC Leqdganj; High Altitude Trekking and Skiing Centre, Narkanda; Tenzing Norgay Adventure Camp, Barwala, Dak Pathar and Khandala Adventure Camp at Khandala. The school trekking groups have been going to Chandserkhani, Pass Chandertal Lake, Suraj Tal Lake, Rohtang Pass, Hamta Pass, Jalori Pass, Bashalieu Pass, Koreri Lake, Manimahesh Lake, Dodital Lake, Har-Ki-Doon, Hemkunt Sahib-Badrinath, Pabor Valley, Parvati Valley, Churdhar Peak and the list goes on and on! Tours to various parts of the country and abroad are organised regularly during the winter and summer vacations. Amongst the domestic tours the most popular is the Khandala-Goa-Mumbai tour, Which is the perfect mix of outdoor adventure at Khandala, beaches in Goa and metro lifestyle in Mumbai. Here at MGPS we firmly believe in the words of Thomas Fuller - “He that travels much knows much”.


Music & Dance

SEVEN rules the roost ! The seven – year itch, The seven colors of the sagacious spectrum…. and of the rainbow, The seven wonders of the world, The seven notes of music. What else do we want? Life is celebrated in the music hobby. From the first step of a toddler to negotiating all those contours of a dance performance – evolution of humankind on a mini-scale. Dance – the natural heir to music. And, thus the hobby.